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さまざまなことに携わってきました。 ここでは、出版した単行本をご紹介いたします。

As a music journalist and critic, I have worked on numerous projects. Here I will introduce the books I have published.

photo 満田聡 / hair&make Yukihiko AZUMA

クラシックはおいしい アーティスト・レシピ

クラシックはおいしい アーティスト・レシピ (芸術新聞社 2013年)


Classic Is Delicious ? ARTIST RECIPE

Created original cooking recipes for classical musicians inspired by listening to their live performances and recordings, and by interviewing them. These recipes do not reflect the artists’ nationalities and food preferences but I came up freely with the ideas. Selected 50 internationally active artists. Actual cooking recipes included.

リトル・ピアニスト 牛田智大

リトル・ピアニスト 牛田智大 (扶桑社 2013年)


Little Pianist, Tomoharu Ushida

Getting close to the core heart of Tomoharu Ushida, the pianist who made his recording debut at the age of 12 by figuring out his background, relationship with the piano, the days of hard practice, his life with his family, changes in life after his debut and of course the charm of his performances. Includes numerous new photos especially taken for this photo book like approach.

伊熊よし子のおいしい音楽案内 パリに魅せられ、グラナダに酔う

伊熊よし子のおいしい音楽案内 パリに魅せられ、グラナダに酔う (PHP新書 2013年)


Yoshiko Ikuma’s Delicious Music Guide -Enchanted by Paris, Entranced in Granada

Wrote essays on French and Spanish music, themes of “La Folle Journee au Japon 2013” when I took the role of Ambassador of the music festival. I dug deep into the charms of my favourite composers, musical works and places and artists.

図説 ショパン

図説 ショパン (河出書房新社 2010年)


Frédéric François Chopin

This book was published to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Chopin’s birth. It is a resource book full of photos and text about the composer’s life, the International Frederick Chopin Piano Competition, and pianists who love Chopin. I wrote it with the hope that men would come to love Chopin just as much as women do.

北欧の音の詩人 グリーグを愛す

北欧の音の詩人 グリーグを愛す (ショパン 2007年)


Edvard Grieg

2007 was the 100th anniversary of Grieg’s death. That year I went to visit locations associated with the Norwegian composer’s life. Includes essays, his biography, piece descriptions, guide to famous recordings, musicians’thoughts about Grieg, and a CD of his most famous pieces.

イラストオペラブック トゥーランドット

イラストオペラブック トゥーランドット (ショパン 2006年)



When Shizuka Arakawa won the gold at the 2006 Torino Olympics, she skated to Puccini’s “Nessun Dorma” from the opera “Turandot.” After this event the opera became very popular in Japan. In this book I introduce the opera from various perspectives using illustrations. Includes highlights of all the pieces.

魂のチェリスト ミッシャ・マイスキー『わが真実』

魂のチェリスト ミッシャ・マイスキー『わが真実』 (小学館 2005年)


Mischa Maisky

Mischa Maisky was imprisoned in a Soviet camp for crimes he didn’t commit. This experience had a great effect on his cello playing. His performance truly moves the soul of the listener. He has said that half of his life was sublime happiness and half was a tragedy, and with these words in mind I wrote in first person narrative.

ショパンに愛されたピアニスト ダン・タイ・ソン物語

ショパンに愛されたピアニスト ダン・タイ・ソン物語
(ヤマハミュージックメディア 2003年、ベトナムのPHUONG NAM BOOK COMPANYより2008年ベトナム語翻訳版出版)


Dang Thai Son

When I wrote this book in 2000, I had been listening to Dang Thai Son’s music for over 20 years?ever since he won the International Frederick Chopin Piano Competition. I had also been continuing my research on him. In spring of 2000, his performance style had undertaken an enormous change; this is when I chose to write the book. It was my intent to discover the source of his moving, beautiful “pianism.”


(共同通信社 2000年)


Maxim Vengerov

I have followed the career of Maxim Vengerov from his debut. I published this book as a commemoration for his 25th birthday. I was able to add a lot to this work during a ten-day “home stay” at his house in Israel.


クラシック貴人変人 (エー・ジー出版 1998年 絶版)


Eccentric geniuses

In this book I used interviews and research to depict 33 artists who are each giants in their genre?including Karajan, Ozawa, Prey, Gulda, Michelangeli, Larrocha, and Yo-Yo Ma. The book delves into their attitudes toward music, the beauty of their performance style, and their rarely seen true personalities.